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Cancer New Moon Affirmations: Horoscopes For Week of June 23

by Chani Nicholas June 23, 2014 03:57 PM EST
Cancer New Moon Affirmations: Horoscopes For Week of June 23 Getty Images

Early Friday morning, at 1:08am PST, the Moon will renew itself by aligning with the Sun. This cosmic dance is known as the new Moon. Cultures the world over have used the visual experience of this occurrence as a symbolic reminder of our need for renewal. 

Life can set us out on treacherous trails that hopefully contain copious amounts of loving exchanges. But our human hearts tend to harden when we don’t have a larger perspective to hold the experience in. Ritual can give us this perspective. Community can give us this perspective. Service can give us this perspective. 

Use this new Moon to affirm what it is you want more of. Do this through your conversations, your meditations, your creations and your invitations.

This new Moon is forming a dreamy trine with Neptune and is making a brave opposition to Pluto. What this could suggest (as I have worked into this week's horoscopes) is that there is a tremendous opportunity for us to envision a new way of being in the world.

This is only possible, however, when we are able to retrieve the gold that our repressed psychological material holds. Digging deep, finding the false statements that breed fear and seeing if you can morph those beliefs into more supportive and life-affirming statements is my suggestion for this week.

The stories we tell ourselves are our most powerful ally or most destructive opponent. Reclaim your story.  

The other piece of this week’s astrology that is important to note is that in the wee hours of June 25, Mars makes its last opposition to Uranus (while in the sign of Libra). This is a rock-n-roll type of tension. This is a tension that would like to wreak havoc. This is a tension that can open us up to understanding the difference between compulsive actions and wise rebellions. 

The Moon in Cancer is well placed. It is at home here. Cancer is The Mother archetype of the zodiac. Cancer creates life and sustains it with nourishment and a warm embrace. 

Consider what you are birthing and how you can best nourish it. 

New Moon Blessings!

Aries & Aries Rising

I am home. I am home. 

This moment is my home, nowhere else will I find a sense of safety if I cannot first find it here. No person holds the key to my sanctuary -- although sometimes they can give me helpful hints as to where I left it. Knowing this I take the pressure off of everyone around me. Making sure my needs are meet from moment to moment is no one's job but mine.

I recognize the opportunity for self-awareness in every conflict that I have with another. I cease trying to get what I think I want and I pursue what is appropriately uncomfortable so that I might disrupt unhealthy behaviors in myself and in my partnerships. I am not internally held hostage to the unconsciousness of others. Inside, I am free to grow and roam and become. 

I am home. 

Being human means that I can become dependent on comfort. Being dependent on comfort means that it’s very likely that I will miss magnificent opportunities for love and healing. With this new Moon, I commit to experiencing the depth of my heart by allowing momentary discomfort in.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is so much more waiting for me outside the illusion of separation we humans dwell in. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is more love awaiting me, more love than I can comprehend. 

Love is my home. I am Love. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

I choose to speak the words that rise up from my heart. Like monarch butterflies migrating, following the warmth that will sustain them, these sentiments have their own instinct. These beauties cannot be held, captured or stopped. These words have wings of their own and I encourage their flight with every breath I take. 

Sometimes staying with this process takes every ounce of courage that I have. Sometimes I am up against such brutal forces that all I want to do is cower in fear. Sometimes all that wants to rise up is refusal, pain, anger and resentment. However, letting this out is the most loving thing that I can do for myself. I do so not to wallow and not to hurt another, but to let this aspect of my lived experience rise to consciousness so that it can be wrapped in the light of love and released. 

I am standing in the tension of trying to come to grips with cosmic amounts of baggage and still live my everyday life. So I give myself a break, cut myself a little slack. 

I am committed to filling my internal dialogue with compassion, understanding and acceptance because I aim to transform this rhetoric into something that can empower me. No one else can get in my head to do this work for me. This is mine. This is mine to do. This is mine to do and I am better because of it.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

I understand the direct connection between how I feel about myself and how my work is received in the world. I know that people want to work with me because of the deep self-examination that I do. 

Nothing in my life is disconnected. When I have financial issues, I know that it's just as important to pray as it is to get to work. I trust this connection and because I trust it I strengthen it and am strengthened by it. 

A force far, far, far greater than money supports me. In fact, I am becoming so acutely aware of how supporting, protecting and serving my unique self-expression is everything. I have been hard at work in this area of my life for months now, and this week gives me a final test in the matter. Do I believe in myself or am I ruled by fear of rejection from my community?

I believe in my own ability to challenge the status quo, I trust in the wisdom of my own energetic direction and I have the strength to follow it. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

My body is a sacred container for my spiritual growth. Every thought and feeling that I have ever had has shaped it. My body is the landscape of my life. I honor its battlefields, its playgrounds and its worn-out places. My body is the meeting ground for my soul’s greatest desires and the creative energy needed to make them manifest. I listen to the cues that this phenomenal machine is constantly sending me, and I follow its guidance. 

By simply tuning into the feelings in my body, I can tell if something resonants with me or not. This is potent medicine.

I am aware that I am in a deep process around clarifying my role in my relationships. I am aware that I am up against my tendencies toward obsessing about another. I am aware that sometimes I can be gripped by a desire to have the gaze of another directed toward me. Fortunately this is simple to remedy: I turn my gaze towards myself. 

I acknowledge all of the ways in which I forget to see, really see, who I am and what I offer. I celebrate this next trip around the Sun by offering myself the gift of releasing my need to have others accept me. Instead, I turn my attention towards doing the things that I know will make me feel grounded, accomplished and worthy of my own praise.

Leo & Leo Rising

Nothing is lost; it’s just in transition. My body might register the experience as loss; I might feel the tug of my heartstrings, strained. My mind might pick up these signals and fly off into directions of wailing, grieving lamentations. Whatever my reaction the truth is this: I have no idea why this is happening, what the outcome might be or what life has in store for me. 

In times when I can’t see very far in front of me, I appreciate the feeling of my foot on the Earth, step by step by step. I pay attention to the shifting of my weight from one foot to the next. I notice all the many adjustments I need to make in order to move through life.

When all else fails, I slow to a snail's pace and find what there is to appreciate. 

I direct my mind towards the little things, the humble ones, the softer beings and the wise winds that whisper. I steer this brilliant information machine towards pondering the powerful lessons of service, sanctuary and devotion. 

I know that my life has meaning, deep meaning. This meaning might not always be easy to spot, and it might not always make sense, it might not always be clear --which is why I choose not to worry about it. I let a higher intelligence work out those details. Meanwhile, I’ll hang out with the snails!

Virgo & Virgo Rising

I see you. I chose you. I choose you. We are scarred in similar ways. We are beautiful in unique ways. We are tied together by elastic golden threads that weave supportive cases around our hearts. We move far and wide with great gaps of time between our last goodbyes. But when we see each other the laughter that so naturally flows between us fills any space that time created. 

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Shared experience breeds all kinds of comedy, connection and re-lived trauma. Our histories are complex, our connection no less so. We carry the burden of every system we step in and out of. And yet we find our way into those sacred conversations that bleed into the wee hours of the night. We gather around kitchen, boardroom and cafeteria tables or any other commons we encounter. We scheme, we team, we inspire, we reignite and we see how starved we were for reflection. We revel in the comfort of friends. 

I take the time to show my love to you through the time I dedicate to simply listening to the woes, the flows -- all the while witnessing your greatness. I am honored to be the audience to your show. I applaud, support, challenge and grow along side you. I am dedicated to those that share the same set of principles and I am dedicated to those in my community that might need a little extra. 

I give what I have to give when I can give it. What I get in return is the opportunity to see the astonishing power that we have when we find common ground to stand on. Together we have the power to do anything. I wake up to this power. I build bridges to those who love me. I open the door to those I love.

Libra & Libra Rising

Every morning, I take the time to remember what I serve. Every morning, I take the time to remember what it is I wish to protect. Every morning, I take time to center my life on what is worth fighting for. I have no conflict around this because it is my truth. Every fiber of my being resonates with this truth. I devote my entire being to this truth. I hang every action on it. I let nothing interfere with my relationship to it. I have no problem giving everything I have or ever will have to it. 

Truth is my lighthouse. I hold every decision up to its light. This isn’t always easy. Once I know, I can’t un-know. 

I pay special attention to nurturing this truth in all of my career opportunities. I feed the good dogs and keep them happy; the others can find their own packs to run in. I want only to sleep well at night, to love well in the sunlight and to do the things that are mine to do in between the two. 

I remember the power of humility. I ask for guidance when the going gets rough. I remember that there’s only one person staring back in the mirror at me -- and that’s who I need to be honest with. My career is a reflection of who I am. I love my reflection. I allow my inner beauty to shine through all I do in the outer world.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

All I study, all I learn, all I take in from my mentors is mine to integrate and pass on. My experience of learning -- the alchemical process that it facilitates -- is as (if not more) important than the knowledge itself. Anything can be written down, recorded, documented and filled away. It takes a human to receive the transmission and be transformed in the process. We are nothing if not conduits for divine intelligence to flow through.

The stories I hold, the lessons I have learned, are all for my healing and the healing of those in my community and beyond. I see how retelling nurtures me, and I see how the process can provide sustenance for others. I also see how important it is to be very mindful of how I retell the tale. I recount the truth, I recount the strength, I recount the resistance, I recount the resilience, I recount the resourcefulness and I recount the dignity of each moment. 

Whatever I highlight becomes a point of departure. This leads me to new levels of awareness. This is the sacred act of learning. I become strengthened by this praxis. My world becomes larger because I can sit in greater possibility.  

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I know that there's no end to this ride. I know that every time I see an answer and cling to it, I’m in trouble. Answer works until the questions change. To be alive is to ride shifting tides, not to solid ground, but to greater adventure. 

I practice the ancient art of embrace and release. 

I have gotten better at working through conflict with others. I have chosen the people and projects that I need to work on -- to be devoted to. I know that any tension in this area is only to be honored as a teacher. I devote my attention towards what can be learned instead of what can be won. This way, no one loses. 

I also know that the more I affirm myself, my inklings, my inclinations, my talents and my natural state of being  -- the happier I am. My life works when I stop pretending that I have to be the way I think everyone wants me to be. In short, I have no time for “Fine." I’m going for “Freaking fantastic, thank you very much!”   

I no longer hide myself away from fear of being misunderstood.

I understand who I am, what I bring, why it’s a glittery ball of amazing -- and I have no hesitation about sharing that with you. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Because I am alive, because I dare to love, because I refuse to play it safe, because I know I cannot hide from you, I stay conscious while with you. Because I allow myself to feel the extent of how much I care, I allow myself to be moved by you, because I want to get all that I can out this one precious life, I stay conscious while with you. 

You are not better than me. I am not above you. We are equal. 

I move myself up to your level. I allow you to rise to mine. I believe in our inherent wisdom and I look for signs of it. I do not get entangled in your emotional process, but I respect it -- immensely. I support you by respecting you. 

I allow you to do the same for me.  

I do not hold you to the past. If I cannot forgive you then I disengage until I can -- which may be never. But it might be tomorrow. I allow myself to discover that as I go. I release myself from your expectations and I set you free from mine.

I know that the only way to really love someone is to do so with an open hand and an open heart. Real love needs no institution. Real love cannot be measured in trinkets, papers or laws. Real love needs no games, no strings, no claws and no rings. 

Real love rips us open to reveal the sacred nature of this existence. It is brutal, it is beauty and it is here for us if we have the courage. You and I. 


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

I let myself rise up. Like air bubbles traveling to the surface, I take advantage of every little lift I get. I search for the intersection of heaven and earth and I steady myself there. I do not try to escape this little piece of learning that I am in because it is my ticket to a new understanding of myself. 

I tell my tale every time I surface. 

My tale teaches me and ignites the healing process for all those that hear it. That’s how all of this works. I re-enter old wounded places, I learn, I am transformed, I return, I recount the tale, and whomever hears it is also changed. When I share myself with you, something in each of us combusts and we discover another dimension of ourselves. This is why I am here: to learn, to love, to try and to heal. 

I do my best in this process and I forgive myself for not knowing the things that I am in the process of learning. 

I am learning to discern what is a helpful belief and what is just something I have clung to for comfort. I’m challenged in this area of life and I am grateful for it. Learning happens in these moments, and I am devoted to the unfolding of my consciousness. There is no way that I will grow unless my unskillful beliefs are shattered. I welcome the sound of crashing ideologies. I rejoice as my old paradigm crumbles. I have faith that a new intelligence is reconstructing my mind and I devote myself to engaging with the process.  

Pisces & Pisces Rising

I am transforming. Every time I wake I am recreated. Every day on this Earth I am reaffirmed by the Sun, the stars and the elements. I am a child of the Universe. I am a sister/brother/sibling/friend/lover/mother/father/parent/partner to the rest of creation. I move towards deepening this relationship to my life by showing up in every way I can. 

In order to get to some inspired creation, I dig. Deep. Down. I understand that I must be opened by the disappointments, the triumphs, the surprises, the losses and the love that life brings to my doorstep every day. I know that to hide from pain means that in the end I’ll suffer the consequences of a life half-lived. 

I live life in full; my genes are tight, my soul is round and my mind is XXL. 

If there's a particular feeling that tugs at my shirtsleeve, I let it have its say. I try to see the world around me instead of just looking for what I want in it. I’m not in this just to get my rocks off. I’m after something underneath the false glitter of satisfaction. I’m after transformation.  

I worship at the altar of experience. I see beyond the petty daily traps of my ego by asking, “How is this experience teaching me about my own worth?” I get the message the experience is trying to bring me and then I hang up the phone. I don’t linger once the energy has left. I don’t waste my time with those who only wish to waste it. 

I pour my good love into quality containers. 

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